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Calorad 2000
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Calorad 2000
Many experts are calling it, “the breakthrough fat loss product of our time!” This unique product helps your body utilize fats and sugars more efficiently, so it can actually help you lose weight and inches without dieting! It is a pleasant-tasting, collagen-based drink that assists your body in utilizing unwanted fat during the critical first hour of sleep (by increasing HGH or Human Growth Hormone), when your body is in it’s natural state of repair. 
Call us at 1-866-370-0795 (Toll-Free)
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    Increase lean muscle mass and increase your metabolism to help you burn more calories with Calorad®.

    The original collagen protein weight loss supplement. Serving the United States and Canada since 1981.
    21 years of weight loss success!

    (Toll-Free) Reference #1306

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  • This liquid collagen supplement provides highly absorbable amino acids to support your body in many critical areas including weight loss, assistance in rebuilding lean muscle, restoration of the body’s collagen base, and improvements in stamina and energy! If you feel better, you do more. If you do more, your metabolism goes up and you burn more fat. You feel even better . . . and start the process all over again. You just need to feed your body the right metabolic supplement! Now this product is available in 2 types of collagen - Beef collagen and Fish collagen. Beef formula is more popular, and is often most requested by folks with joint problems. Fish collagen is Kosher certified. Both work equally as well for weight loss. Both taste the same (pleasant lemonade flavor).
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    Calorad This liquid collagen supplement is the first breakthrough protein supplement, that help people lose fat and inches in a natural and healthy way.

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